Why You Need Transcription Services

A transcription service involves taking verbal words, recorded in a format of tapes, DVDs, or CDs and converting them into a written or digital text format. Most transcription services are offered for both legal, business, and medical purposes. They can be audio or video based, but most providers of transcription services use the audio files only. The advantage of audio transcription over video transcription is that it is easier to hear the voice of the person speaking over the background noise of a video camera.


One can find a number of companies that provide transcription services; however, to get the best quality results, one must consult a company that provides both audio transcription and text transcription services. The two kinds of transcription are differentiated by the way the information is converted from the source language to the spoken format. In the case of text transcription, the information is recorded in a text file that contains sentence boundaries, terminologies, and punctuation marks, whereas audio transcription relies on the ability of the equipment used to translate the audio signal and convert it into text. Based on this difference, there are various software programs that can be used to turn audio files into text documents. Some transcription companies provide both audio and text transcription services.


It is not that difficult to translate an audio file into text. The biggest difficulty lies in converting the audio signal into text that can be understood by people. The reason why transcription services often used by the corporate and legal industries are not popular among ordinary individuals is the fact that ordinary people find it difficult to understand or even comprehend the meaning of some audio transmissions. This is the reason why even the common man turned to the attorneys and doctors to translate legal and medical reports. Individuals who seek to make money through the provision of transcription services often used machine assisted transcription systems that require direct computer access, making transcription jobs simple and fast.


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