Total Image Group ERP Integration

Total Image Group

The total image group is a company that specialises in creating custom uniforms, sourcing promotional products, and branding solutions. Their custom ERP is integrated with their eCommerce managing enterprise. This system boosts internal processes and streamlines workflows, and helps them to improve their customer experience. Its integrated web application allows Total Image Group employees to easily track metrics and compile reports. By combining these features, Total Image Group has built its business on the latest technologies.

An Important Part Of Any Organization

In addition to providing custom workwear, Total Image Group has an impressive portfolio of clients. Their clients include supermarkets, retail liquor outlets, fast food chains, and specialty stores. They offer expert advice and guidance for establishing a unique work uniform that will be appropriate for your business. In fact, many of their clients choose Total Image because of their professional approach and ability to understand their brand. It’s also important to note that a business can be a lonely one and can be extremely stressful at times.

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