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The Mobile Bike Shop takes care of all the bicycle repairs, whether it is a new or used one, that your bicycle might need while traveling on the road. We understand the inconvenience of traveling on foot to a nearby shop that can fix your bicycle; it is very time consuming, especially if your bicycle has an important job that needs to be done. It is the best way to travel with your bicycle because it can be fixed in no time, leaving you free to continue your journey. The Mobile Bike Shop even brings you mobile bike repair service at your house or office for your own bike ready to ride or fix your bicycle without the hassle of having to go to the repair shop and wait for it to be ready again. See website for more.


On September 15th, The Mobile Bike Shop posted a notice on their website regarding a new bicycle delivery service, “service now available at our Westwood location starting Tuesday September 15th. We’ll have two new delivery vehicles each arriving tomorrow, and another vehicle arriving every Wednesday. We will also be doing two more service calls this month starting Tuesday October 1st. All of our bicycles have been refurbished and are being sent from our main warehouse in Norristown PA to all over PA and the tri-state area. Due to high demand for service during this period, we will be raising our rates to help cover all expenses associated with this new service.”


This post was written to let you know that the Mobile Bike Shop was added to The Retail Mobile Franchisee Association’s (TRFA) in Pennsylvania’s franchise disclosure document. The Mobile Bike Shop is now also listed on the TRFA’s website as a service provider. We would like to extend our warm wishes to all franchisees and look forward to sharing the many benefits of franchising with you in the future. In the meantime, thanks to The Retail Mobile Franchisee Association of Pennsylvania (ROMPA), a mobile repair business has become a part of the community in Westwood, PA.

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