Experience With Killara Little Giants

little giants killara

We invite you to come and enjoy a day’s experience with Little Giants Killara. Our beautiful Killara Centre is situated at Lady Game Drive, offering easy access to many families. Renovated from a private home with an old history in the locality, is our newly designed, air conditioned, five bedroom Early Childhood Centre. 

Experience With Killara Little Giants

The Killara centre also offers a range of facilities that are similar to that of our Killara Little Giants centres. Many of these facilities are available online, including maps and directions of the centre, contact numbers of the staff and maintenance personnel, and information about the daycare hours, and the operating hours of the centre. You can also contact the staff or maintenance personnel directly via the telephone or email. 


Our Killara centres are open daily from 7am to 4pm. During the week, we provide a wide variety of activities for our kids. On weekends, we have various activities, such as basketball games, magic shows, and games in the park. Our playground is open twenty-four hours each day. The Killara Centre is a centre of learning. Our staff are qualified teachers, who are dedicated to helping our children learn and enjoy the experiences. There are many other educational institutions in Killara, but none are as dedicated to the education of our young people as Killara Little Giants.

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