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Kulandi yoga | yoga-society – What is Kundalini Yoga?

What is kulandi yoga | yoga-society? The word “kundalini” means “wheel of life”. Kundalini Yoga (kuṭḍala-yoga) originates from the kundalini serpent, described in ancient Vedic culture as a cosmic energy (prana) that lies hidden at the base of our spine. The kundalini serpent is said to descend and rise at will, awakening each time it encounters a body tissue (chakra) block or obstacle.

Kulandi yoga | yoga-society – Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

According to Ayurveda, there are four main ways for the kundalini to arise. The first way (the pranayam) is known as the “upward spiral”. The second (the yogis) is the “downward spiral”. The third (the media) is the “both spiral”. So, what is kundalini asana yoga-society? In its basic form (kundalini asana) this is a series of poses that begins with a sitting posture (kapalbhati). As we go up through different poses, we may use props, if we feel more comfortable.

Kundalini Asana is not restricted to any particular gender. Women are encouraged to practice it, too, as they are also said to have the capability to achieve enlightenment. However, if you are a man and are uncomfortable doing kundalini asana, it would be easier for you to take up an inversion yoga class, which can also give you more comfort.…