Buyer’s Guide to Forests Mulcher Skid Steers

In my previous article, I discussed the need for companies to conduct regular assessments and evaluations of their forestry mulcher equipment. While there are many reasons that a company might conduct such an assessment, there is one that I have found to be particularly useful-the ability to identify problems early on in the purchase process. This is most certainly true when purchasing from a private party. However, it is equally true when buying equipment directly from the manufacturer. Read more –

Buyer’s Guide to Forests Mulcher Skid Steers

One of the most common issues that arise is that of poor condition. A timber skid steer is usually at the mercy of the individual owner, who has to watch for sticking parts, brake fluid leaks, and similar failures. While it can sometimes be difficult to spot problems on this level, it is not impossible. Using an external camera, you can often see extremely early signs of trouble, which can give you the chance to purchase the right machine before the problem becomes too serious.

Finally, when buying a skid steer attachment, make sure that the manufacturer offers to service at no extra charge. Ideally, the company that sold you the skid steer should be able to offer ongoing after sale support for those of us who aren’t experts at the machines themselves. This will ensure that your investment lasts for years to come.

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