Are You Buying PBN Links To Power Up Your Niche Site?

buy pbn links

When you buy PBN links from SaketWahi are you building your link popularity or are you looking to promote your site? The short answer to that is yes. When it comes down to building PPN links, those who use them the most don’t really use them the same way that did some years ago.


These days when buy or rent PBN links most people use them to power up free or low-cost sites, usually to power up two sites or sometimes just to rank higher on the search engines. They can be used to increase traffic on some fairly high quality websites. However, when it comes down to getting outbound links from PBN it’s very different. They are used only to build a backlink portfolio which is then used by their affiliates to build backlinks to their own sites.


So if you buy PBNs for backlinks they are usually used in the same way that SEOs use them today, to build backlinks to their own sites, and very rarely are they used to promote a niche site like a private blog. It is rare that you will find an affiliate marketer today who will actually create a PNP (personal web page) or even a PPN. If you’re going to spend your money on PBN links, you’re better off promoting other peoples’ niche blogs or promoting an affiliate program where you can get a very high return on your investment.



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